These training targets are free to download for your use in training. More targets are being developed and will be published soon!


2Alpha Training Group 25 Meter Red Dot Zero Target

This target was designed specifically to assist shooters with zeroing their 1MOA adjustable red dots on their pistols or even AR pistol, SBRs and rifles. Using the bottom two smaller circles, make your major or large adjustments to bring the red dot to the center of your optic's view pane.

Once centered, move back to 25 meters and three well-aimed shots at the 6 inch circle, making sure the red dot is in the exact center of your optics view pane. Use the 1MOA adjustable grid to make fine tune adjustments to your red dot. 

Task: Zero your red dot optic on your pistol. At 5m, make large adjustments on smaller bottom circles. From 25m, either in the prone supported or bench rest supported, take 3 well-aimed shots and make fine tune adjustments on your optic. 

Distance: 5m large adjustments. 25m fine adjustments. 

Loadout: 2 x 15 round mags



Pyramid Drill

The Pyramid Drill was designed as a warm-up and check on learning drill for the beginning of your training day or end of it, for confirmation. You need to take these shots slowly, executing the fundamentals of shooting, listed in the middle for you to read and apply. You have two pyramids for an option to do it again. 

Task: Starting from the bottom, each circle has a respective number of shots that need to get taken into that circle. In between circles, recover, re-read the fundamentals and present back out for the next circle. 

Distance: 3 Meters Beginner / 5 Meters Advanced

Loadout: 2 x 15 round mags



Focal Shift Drill

The Focal Shift Drill was designed to help re-acquire sights after target identification.

A common problem in shooters is, after they take their initial shot on target, they tend to abandon their sight picture and look at the target. All subsequent shots are then shot with the target being the focal point, not the front sight post. The Focal Shift Drill will force you to reacquire your sight picture before engaging each target. The continual change in focal shift will help shooters stay on their sights during static shooting and re-indexing to new targets.

Task: Choose numerical or alphabetical ordering and shoot in the order. Acquire your first number or letter, align your sights, acquire your front sight focus and take your shot. Afterwards, change focal shift to target to pick up the next number or letter and once acquired, change focal shift back to sights for the shot. Continue this repetitive process of focal shift change, for the entire set of numbers or letters until done. 

Distance: 3 Meters Beginner / 5 Meters Advanced

Loadout: 2 x 15 round mags


50/200 Meter Rifle Optic Zero

This zero target is the military standard zero target for a semi-automatic rifle. Designed for all small-arm calibers and most red dot optics, use this zero target to establish a 50/200 meter zero for point of aim vs. point of impact. This target was designed to be shot at 25 meters. It can be used for iron sights or optics. 

Here, stateside, we've learned that a 50/200m zero is ideal for urban application. However, if you're zeroing a hunting rifle or a rifle for medium to long distance, this zero distance may not be ideal for you.

Task: Either in the prone supported or bench rest supported: Aim at the black square and impact onto the oval circle. Take 3 well-aimed shots & establish a group. Assess & triangulate your group of 3 shots and using the center of the triangulation, determine your windage and elevation adjustments from the chart and click-per-box instructions. Repeat the process of 3 more shots and repeat your group assessment and adjustments until your 3 shots are consistently hitting the oval circle and your zero is complete.  

Distance: 25 meters 

Loadout: 1 magazine of 30 rounds


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