Shotgun Proficiency Level I: CTA (Piru CA) Mar 12

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Shotgun Proficiency Level I

Learn how truly versatile the shotgun can be with this course. Topics and skills include: shot shell selection, terminal ballistics, shot patterning, weapons manipulation, unconventional shooting positions, field-expedient shot shells, shotgun malfunctions and much more.

This course does involve some dynamic movement and requires proficient weapons handling skills and safety. 

This course is a full 9-hour day with breaks in between and an allotted lunch break.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” -Sun Tzu

Course round count:
-100 Birdshot
-30 Buckshot
-15 Slug

- Pump-action or semi-auto Shotgun
- Receiver Side Saddle
- Dump Pouch
- Gloves
- Ear protection
- Eye protection (both sunglasses & clear lens)
- Tourniquet and First Aid Kit
- Proper range attire & shoes
- Note taking materials
- Plenty of water, liquids
- Lunch + snacks

- Buttstock Side Saddle
- Shotgun Sling
- Range Med Kit including Tourniquet
- Tool Kit, Multitool
- Cleaning Kit
- Sunblock
- Folding Chair
- Cooler
- Rain Gear

All students are responsible for the legal condition of their firearms and equipment as well as the safe transportation of them. Please check your local laws for more information if needed.

CERTIFICATES: Will be awarded after the course. We email in PDF format certificates in case you need to print another one out or forward the email.

-Full Refund: 30 days or more
-Partial Refund: Within 30 days
-No Refund: Within 2 weeks of course start date.

Please fill out the following linked forms and click "Submit" when finished. If you cannot submit, please print, fill out and bring it to the class with you. 

Course Liability Waiver



California Tactical Academy
6700 Holser Canyon Rd
Piru, CA 93040



Show time: Promptly 730am at registration office.