3-Month Online Dryfire Program: March 30th

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(3-Month Online Dryfire Course)

Dryfire is an incredible way to practice the fundamentals of shooting, through weapons and gear manipulations. You don't need ammo or a range. You an do it in the comfort of your own home for as long or little as you want. Proper dryfire drills will take your training farther than live range days with no training plan.  

In this online course, you will attend a weekly Live presentation by Green Beret instructor Kawa Mawlayee. The 2ATG team will host 30-min dryfire sessions, introducing you and running through some dryfire drills to help strengthen the core of your training. 

Starts March 30th at 7pm Central time. We will meet once a week. 

Curriculum Outline:

Mar 30: Range Belt & Holster set up, Rifle sling set up, dryfire training area set up

Apr 06: Pistol draw from OWB holster w/ Par times

Apr 13: Pistol reloads: Reverse engineering. Par times

Apr 20: Rifle Low ready/High ready. Reloads w/ Par times

Apr 27: Weapons Transitions: Rifle to Pistol w/ Par times

May 04: Check Drill w/ Par times. Shoulder Transitions 

May 11: Pistol & Rifle Multi-Target Transitions

May 18: Pistol & Rifle Reloads with Target Transitions w/ Par times

May 23: Pistol & Rifle moving in depth. Reloads w/ Par times

Jun 01: Conceal Carry: Appendix carry/4 o' clock carry. Garment defeat. Mag locations

Jun 08: Pistol draw from conceal w/ Par times. Malfunctions

Jun 15: Pistol draw from conceal. Reloads w/ Par times  


Equipment needed:

1. Rifle w/ optic, sling and 4 magazines

2. Pistol and 4 magazines

3. Range belt w/ OWB holster, 2 pistol mag carriers and 1 AR mag carrier

4. Conceal holster and mag caddy or Neomag for mag pocket carry

4. Dummy rounds or snapcaps x 15

5. Targets: Printable targets will be emailed with the welcome email.  

6. Shot Timer device or phone app


Upon completion of this course, graduates will receive a digital certification of completion. 

After registration, you'll receive a welcome email closer to the event date, with a link to the course and instructions for login.