LowVis Carry Tactics Level I/II: CTA (Piru, CA) Mar 26-27

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LowVis Carry Tactics Level I/II

This course covers an introduction to the fundamentals of concealed carry tactics and quickly progresses to more advanced drills with lots of movement involved. We'll cover garment types, garment defeat, carry positions, retention shooting, target identification, seating positions as well as some vehicle work (if permitted). We'll learn how to draw, move & shoot in all respective directions, single handed shooting, shoot around obstacles and barricades as well as shooting next to others, around vehicles (if available). This course will be a full 9-hour day with breaks in between and an allotted lunch break.

Day 1: Introduction to Concealed Carry Tactics
Day 2: Advanced CCT and Target ID, Force on Force

OVERALL: It will be a challenging and informative 2 days for everyone. You will be forced to come out of your comfort zone but will receive a lot of tools for your training box. You will learn the most about yourself, your capabilities and your limitations. This course will establish your baseline of where you are in your progression of execution and give you a good guideline for improvement to the next level. You'll leave this course with a strong understanding of low visibility carry tactics and will be confident in your abilities.

These two days will be full 9-hour days. Regular breaks and an allotted lunch break will be given.

Course round count: 700 pistol

- Note: We will provide force on force equipment
- Semi-Auto pistol
- 4 mags each pistol
- At least 1 pistol mag carrier or Neomag
- Sturdy EDC belt
- Ear protection
- Eye protection (both sunglasses & clear lens)
- Proper range attire & shoes
- Note taking materials
- Plenty of water, liquids
- Lunch + snacks

- Range med kit including tourniquet
- Extra weapons parts, backup pistol
- Tool kit, Multitool
- Cleaning kit
- Sunblock
- Dump pouch
- Speed loader
- Folding chair
- Cooler
- Rain gear
- Shade tent
- Work tables

Need tactical gear or anything else on the required or optional gear list? Please visit www.themusastore.com and if you need help with product info or ordering, please DM the store on Instagram/FB @themusastore or you can email us at store@themusastore.com. 

All students are responsible for the legal condition of their firearms and equipment as well as the safe transportation of them. Please check your local laws for more information if needed.

Kawa Mawlayee – Lead Instructor
Chandler Rosman – Assistant Instructor
Daminh Tran – Assistant Instructor
RSOs- if available

CERTIFICATES: Will be awarded at the end of the course

-Full Refund: 30 days or more
-Partial Refund: Within 30 days
-No Refund: Within 2 weeks of course start date.

Please fill out the following linked forms and click "Submit" when finished. If you cannot submit, please print, fill out and bring it to the class with you. 

Course Liability Waiver



California Tactical Academy

6700 Holser Canyon Rd
Piru, CA 93040

Show time: Promptly 730am at registration office.