California Pipeline: CTA, Piru CA (1-Year)

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2Alpha Training Group: California Pipeline


The California Shooter's Pipeline was designed to take 32 students for the duration of an entire year and teach them the 12 fundamental skill sets of a well-rounded gunfighter. You will learn a very wide variety of shooter and combat skills including: handgun accuracy, trauma first aid, shotgun fundamentals, lowlight CQB, combat agility, performance, combat gun fighting individually, as a team as well as lowlight and in and around vehicles. 

Our goal with this program is bring the 2A community closer, make us stronger and create a network of like-minded individuals. If we receive any sponsorship for this Pipeline, we will pass those benefits along to the students of the course. At the end of this Pipeline there will be a graduation event, in which all graduates will be invited to attend. 


The California Pipeline will begin in March 2021 with all dates below. This is a 1-year commitment. 

NOTE: We are only taking the first 32 registrants. Fees are $300/per month. 

After your initial payment, you'll receive a questionnaire and some more program information. 


California Dates:

(Training days are only 1 day per month. Groups will be split in Saturday and Sunday groups, 16 per group)

March 6-7: Handgun Accuracy
Ammo: 400 Pistol

April 10-11: Range Med 101
Ammo: 400 Pistol

May 15-16: Trauma Buddy Aid
Ammo: 400 Pistol 

June 12-13: Shotgun Fundamentals
Ammo: 50 buckshot, 120 Birdshot, 20 Slug

July 10-11: Home Defense
Ammo: N/A (Airsoft, provided)

Aug 14-15: CQB Level I
Ammo: N/A (Airsoft, provided)

Sep 11-12: CQB Level II
Ammo: N/A (Airsoft, provided)

Oct 9-10: Combat Agility
Ammo: N/A 

Nov 13-14: Range Performance
Ammo: 500 Pistol

Dec 4-5: Combat Fighter Level I
Ammo: 500 Pistol, Rifle 600

Jan 8-9: Combat Fighter Level II
Ammo: 500 Pistol, Rifle 600

Feb 5-6: Combat Fighter Level III
Ammo: 500 Pistol, Rifle 600

Equipment Needed (every range day): 
- Semi-Auto pistol
- Semi-Auto rifle (5.56 & .223 caliber ONLY)
- Rifle sling
- 4 mags, each system
- At least 2 pistol mag & 1 rifle mag carriers/pouches
- Range belt
- OWB holster
- Ear protection
- Eye protection (both sunglasses & clear lens)
- Proper range attire & shoes
- Black sharpie marker x 2
- Plenty of water, liquids
- Lunch + snacks 

- Range med kit including tourniquet
- Extra weapons parts
- Tool kit, Multitool
- Cleaning kit
- Sunblock
- Speed loader
- Folding chair
- Cooler
- Rain gear

-All students are responsible for the legal condition & compliance of their firearms and equipment as well as the safe transportation of them. Please check your local laws for more information if needed.

-No steel core ammo or tracer ammo allowed.

Kawa Mawlayee – Lead Instructor
Daminh Tran – Assistant Instructor
Chandler Rosman – Assistant Instructor
RSOs- if available

DISCOUNTS: Enroll a friend, receive a $50 discount. 

CERTIFICATES: A final Pipeline Certificate will be issued at the end of the year. 

This is a 1-year commitment. Refunds will not be given for missed courses. Credit will be issued in case by case situations approved only by 2Alpha Training Group. 



California Tactical Academy

6700 Holser Canyon Rd
Piru, CA 93040